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D Bar D Wranglers

Relive the Spirit of the Old West
Cowboy Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) is a fast, fun shooting sport in the tradition of the Old West. Single action six guns, lever action rifles, old time shotguns and western costumes bring the “Old West” to life. CAS is a serious shooting competition, but it’s fun for men, women and youngsters at all levels of shooting experience.

Cowboy Action Matches
A match at the D-D Wranglers consists of 5 or 6 fun shooting scenarios. Each stage features an array of steel targets and knock-down plates for revolver, rifle and shotgun. Don’t worry, the targets aren’t too small or too far away (and shootin’ steel is more fun than punchin’ paper. Choose your cowboy costume and a cowboy name (alias), saddle up and get to shootin’!

“Shootin’ Under the Electric Sky – Rain or Shine!”
What ain’t quite indoors, but ain’t exactly outdoors -- our shootin’ range! At the D-D Wranglers, we are fortunate to have a covered, lighted range that allows us to shoot rain or shine. You won’t even need your umbrella or your rain slicker!

What You Need To Get Started
Costume: Simply put, you’ve got to dress like you’re in the Old West. You don’t have to go overboard -- a cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt and boots are all you need. We don’t wear ball caps, sneakers, camouflage, T-shirts or anything else that doesn’t say 1800s.
Equipment: For a CAS match, you will need 1 or 2 single action revolvers, a lever action rifle in a pistol caliber and a side-by-side, pre-1899 pump or lever action shotgun.
Ammunition: For Pistol and Rifle: lead bullets only, .32 caliber or larger (Pistol: 400-1000 fps, Rifle: 400-1400 fps, power factor > 60). For Shotgun: lead shot only, #4 or smaller. No jacketed ammo of any kind is allowed. We want to hit the targets -- not dent them!

Come on out and have a blast with the D-D Wranglers!

For More Information:

Schedule of Shoots: To see the list of dates and times for this year’s D-D shoots, click the “Cowboy Action Flyer” button below.

Contact: Gershwin Grant (aka “Gospel Gunslinger” / SASS #39738) and Cindy Grant (aka “Southpaw Slingin’ Sally” / SASS #39737)
Phone: 914-391-4424

Single Action Shooting Society (SASS)
SASS is the organization that sponsors cowboy action matches across the United States and in many other countries. You can explore the SASS Home Page to find more information about Cowboy Action Shooting or to become a member of SASS.

NRA Sanctioned Matches
D-D Wrangler matches are sanctioned by the NRA. Under NYS law, non-residents may have their firearms in New York 48 hours prior to and 48 hours following our event. Bring a copy of the D-D match flyer with you as your proof of the NRA sanction.

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